Tonight I had a moment of parental genius–ahem.

After 2 and a half years of working overtime on putting my youngest to bed, I’ve started to experiment. Tried lots of things. Books got out of control. Can you really read 10 books to your kid at bed time?

I then tried to make my own stories up. She loved that. But, honestly, trying to come up with original stories on the fly is hard work! That lasted a couple of weeks.

Then I noticed that what Lucia really likes is to hear my voice–not really words or sentences. Meaning, as it happens, is less important… the tangible presence of my voice is sufficient to relax her.

So instead of words I started tyring a ‘Sleep Drum’–basically me making repetitive vocalizations. Kinda like a chant. It worked. But it’s hard work to chant for 30 minutes! That lasted a couple of weeks too.

Tonight, folks, I hit gold.

I decided to read ‘a book of just words’–you know, adult books.

Turns out the most kid-friendly book on my shelf is Douglas Adams. She probably only get every 5th word, but she enjoyed it enough to fall asleep within 5 minutes.

Key Lesson: Don’t censor your mind. Outlandish ideas come through time and time again!

Hypothesis: It’s probably easy to tell if someone is spinning a yarn in any language–even if you don’t understand it.