Of course, I’d rather wireframe with something full of features, right? Like I just bumped into ProtoShare.com and thought: “Yes, this would make my company work faster and more efficiently!” Then I realized that my co. wouldn’t pay for it. And whatever freelance gigs I pick up–well, it would be overblown. But then today, I learned a good lesson: No Frills is Thrills!

PowerPoint. Yes, I said it.

PowerPoint is my new wireframe app. Here’s a few reasons:

  1. It’s ubiquitous.
  2. It’s simple (do you need more than text and boxes?)
  3. Wireframing is often done with non designers–who lack the design apps. So if you want everybody to participate, the lowest common denominator wins.

Here’s the trick though. Blow out the page to 11 x 17. And print it that way too. It’s great to write on those big sheets of paper.

PS – When I was working for The Quad in college (WCU), I actually did those glue, paper and scissor mock ups. What were they called? Galleys??