New city. New job.  Similar problems.

I just finished helping my colleague execute a few email marketing campaigns centered around generating interest in webinars. He did a great job–getting more leads than the sales team knew what to do with (they actually came back to him and asked him to score the leads; in other words, triage, to deal with the volume). He complied, of course, and even went so far as to enlist  inside sales to hit the  bottom scores, leaving the generalists to chase the hottest leads.  Now, with all the hard work behind us, we’re stuck waiting for ‘results’ to come in: how many phone calls, how many meetings, how many ‘Opportunities’, how many deals and, of course, how much MONEY?

I actually didn’t protest too much, until it dawned on me: haven’t we already achieved success?

The answer is yes. There’s just plenty of room for a number of different successes–and as marketers, we have to get into the habit of recognizing them and promoting them (read: take credit).

We have already succeeded in raising awareness about the expertise we have around our topic.  That’s success 1. We had a nominal unsubscribe rate–which means we’re providing our list with relevant emails. That’s success 2.

I’m sure there are a few more, and I will ponder what those are during my new commute on bus 24 from Marin to San Fran’s financial district; however, it’s pretty clear that for every Success there are a few smaller successes hanging around waiting to be acknowledged.  As marketers we ‘ought to get in the habit of seeing these–and selling them internally.