Frankly, I can’t wait for updates to my iPhone apps to show up on my App Store app.  That goes for software updates on my MacBook, Firefox plugin updates, updates to my favorite code editor BBEdit or any Adobe product I have installed on my work PC.

Am I normal? I bet I am–especially for my demographic.  Dare I say generation?

What going on here?

I think it’s deep and psychological–I think it means I’m deeply smitten with the apps and tools I’ve come to use, rely on and love! Who doesn’t love new features or better performance?  I think what’s happening is that I feel like I’m getting value for free.

The question that I really want to know is: are there savvy marketers on the other end of these relationships?  Are they coordinating the release intervals? Are they wordsmithing the release notes? Are they making sure that I know I just didn’t make a one-time purchase but rather engaged in a relationship with a product–and a product management team.  I think so.

Here’s a different way to think about it:  I buy.  I use.  They improve (update).  I use more.  I appreciate more. They improve. I get psychologically locked in. I tell my friends and colleagues to use–maybe family too. They improve. I use. I start to get interested in news about future releases–I anticipate them!

That’s a great little song and dance.