Just decided to go hog wild and get rid of email subscriptions that I haven’t looked at in months. So after unsubscribing from about 10 emails it occurred to me that not one organization said to me: “Hey, we know you’re busy, how about instead of unsubscribing you take a little vacation from us. Say for about 6 months. We’ve got a lot planned and we’d like you to experience it.”

I would have done that 9 times out of 10.

Sure, I’ve seen ‘reduce the frequency’ options, but really when people go for an unsubscribe they’re already kind of annoyed–so going from three times a week to once a week just won’t suffice.

My concept is just “back off!” or “I think we need a little space from each other.”

A big PAUSE button, really.

Anything to lower the unsubscribe rate, right?