Glad to see Guy Kawasaki laying it out simply on Business Insider:

My recommendation for SEO is very simple. It’s Write Good Stuff. In my mind, Google is in the business of finding good stuff. It has thousands of the smartest people in the world, spending billions of dollars to find the good stuff. All you have to do is write the good stuff; you don’t need to trick it. Let Google do its job and you do your job.

So many folks go overboard on the minutia with SEO. Sure, there are the basics like title tag and using H1 tags properly.But if you’re really going deep on keyword density then you might be missing the big picture.

Don’t get me wrong, though: if you have a big team, then, sure, devote folks to the minutia (if it provides value)–but don’t think that you’re going to make big progress on tweaking the small SEO variables.