From the “holy cow” section of the stands… Follow John De Goes Twitter feed for updates… evidently MongoDB is using PostgreSQL to power its BI Connector.

“Postgres foreign data wrappers support barely any pushdown,” I stated matter-of-factly. “This is all the more true in the Multicorn wrapper you’re using for the BI connector, which is based on an older Postgres and doesn’t even support the full pushdown capabilities of the Postgres FDW.”

Ron admitted defeat. “That’s true,” he said.

I pushed him to defend the decision. But he had no answer. I told him to pull the stop cord right now, before MongoDB released the “BI connector”. When Ron shrugged off that possibility, I told him the whole thing was going to blow up in his face. “You might be right,” he said, “But I have bigger things to worry about right now,” possibly referring to the upcoming 3.2 release.


And check out his slideshare: