My friend lambasted me for sending him an email where I only used the subject line. There was no message in the body.

I actually recall thinking: this is unconventional, but more efficient. I’m gonna try it though!

Said friend compared me to his mom! Somehow, taking this utilitarian approach is old school or unsophisticated.

I’ve been doing it at work too. Why not! It’s certainly the most read part of your message, right?

Well, me and Jack Dorsey are on the same page. From the Huff Post: Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey On The Power Of Tweets:

“Dorsey also told Rose that he uses text messaging “a lot more” than email. Email, Dorsey explained, “[is] not great for communication because it’s not focused on the most important thing. The subject is the message, and that’s the message. The subject is in the message in the IM. It’s bringing the content to you right away.”