I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve been testing Google: I’m using natural search language. I think the results are as good–if not better.

Instead of googling ‘outlook restore pst file’ I’ll use ‘how do i restore a pst file in outlook’.

Is anybody else doing this?

It’s so much easier from a user’s perspective–um, my perspective.

Here’s why I might be doing this?

  • Google is all about good UX (user experience)–so I’d expect them to be thinking about…
  • Crafting a human language question probably gets users (searchers) closer to their intended target–versus a user trying to distill their thoughts into ‘keywords’. Think of it this way: Simply tell Google what you want.
  • I’ve seen savvy bloggers creating titles like this.
  • Perhaps it’s Vlingo! An awesome voice to text iPhone app.
  • I’ve been experimenting with writing content right into email subject lines.

Really, it’s about getting to the point. And fast.