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Good Writers, Good Readers, Good Publications

Do you read "the paper" (or just read?) just so you can bump into mind-altering articles? To have your perceptions and values tested? To grow the vitality of your mind? Here's an article that makes me appreciate liberal arts -- the major and/or the orientation: What...

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Are You Walking Down the Street Naked?

This makes sense to me. “The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself. That’s the moment you may be starting to get it...

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Losing Our Way in the World. Just Don’t Do It.

Worth a read: Losing Our Way in the World - "Too often in the modern era, we rely on guardians to interpret events for us, and they’re too happy to step in and tell us what something “means.” But when we do this, we surrender the more primal empiricism...

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Salespeople 101

Ben Horowitz: "Hire sales people who are really smart problem solvers, but lack courage, hunger and competitiveness, and your company will go out of business." Getting the mix right is...

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Really, This Is SEO

Glad to see Guy Kawasaki laying it out simply on Business Insider: My recommendation for SEO is very simple. It’s Write Good Stuff. In my mind, Google is in the business of finding good stuff. It has thousands of the smartest people in the world, spending billions of...

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An Amazing Kurt Cobain Meme

This is so poetic and brings you right into a unique reverie—if you're a Nirvana fan (from In Praise of Not Knowing over at Kurt Cobain once said in an interview that long before he’d heard any actual punk rock music, he studied magazine photos of punk...

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Some Awesome Steve Jobs Quotes

Ok, so there are a lot of things about Steve that are great, but here are a few quotes that really resonate with me (all from the WSJ): "We weren’t going to go out and do market research." It's just liberating to know that you don't have to focus group everything--or...

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Do You Prefer Knowing or Thinking?

If this excerpt rankles you then read the whole darn thing. We prefer knowing to thinking because knowing has more immediate value. It keeps us in the loop, keeps us connected to our friends and our cohort. Ideas are too airy, too impractical, too much work for too...

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Wait! You Should Really Watch the Credits

I'm a big fan of HBO's In Treatment. If you're a fan too, then you know some of the episodes are wrenching--often times you have to sit for a few minutes before moving on (seriously). During this 'recovery' time, I've noticed a lot about the credits: they're there for...

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A Great Example of Positioning

A conversation with my 4-year-old. I'm giving her a 'tubby' and... Me: "Do you want conditioner?" Her: "NO!" Me: "Would you like your hair sillllllky and smmmmmooooooth?" [Major affectation added] Yes: "Yes!" Wouldn't it be great if all marketing was this easy?...

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Jack Dorsey The Philosopher

Some big quotes from Jack Dorsey, from an article on his Charlie Rose appearance: We've put a lot of emphasis on tweeting when a lot of the value is actually following people. And we spend so much time putting these organizations and public figures...

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What’s the Color of White Noise?

No, that's not a digital Zen koan, just a way for me to get you interested in white noise. I downloaded the Ambiance app and think it's pretty cool. Want a productivity boost: white noise through your headphones obliterates office chatter. Can't listen to it all day...

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Amplifying Your Message: Twitter 100, Facebook 5

Social media is about amplifying your message. If you bump into your pal on the street and let them know you just had a great egg & cheese sandwich at that coffee shop right over there, well you’ve just told one person. Perhaps word of mouth will spread that message....

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Filters: From Newspapers to Twitter to Facebook

It's easy to see that social media are filters--and that makes me realize that filters ubiquitous. Sometimes they're explicit. Sometimes they are not. This is the first post where I'll start thinking more concertedly about them. Here's my first quick assessment:...

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The Essence of SEO

Take care of your customers and they’ll take care of you. I didn't make that up, but it illustrates what I think should be at the core of a good SEO practice: customer service. There are a lot of technical aspects to SEO, for sure, but the essence is about customer...

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Twitter: Access to Corporations

I love that Twitter offers you the whole world as an audience--and asking public questions can be an effective way to get answers. Recently, I got a nice first-hand experience. If you're health conscious (poison conscious, really) then you know what BPA or Bisphenol A...

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Yelp’s Revenue Model Needs A Little Creativity

As quoted in the NYTimes today, a conversation with Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman: Q. So what’s the incentive to advertise on Yelp? A. The primary thing our advertisers are purchasing is actually advertising. Depending on what your price level is, you get a certain...

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Chocolate Mousse or Key Lime Pie?

This blog title is no joke. It’s fundamentally philosophical. It’s an edict. It’s an aphorism in disguise. It’s actually something I witnessed. Here’s some context: This quote came from mouth of a mentor of sorts—an older guy who has achieved a cool success but...

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Why (Former) Teachers Make Great Marketers

Had an epiphany. Goes like this. I had a previous career: I was a teacher. I used to think it wasn't a totally different domain from marketing. But it's not. It's definitely not. Here's why: 1. Empathy To be a good marketer you really have to care about your audience....

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What’s Wrong With Yelp?

Sure, I love user generated content, but can it ever pay the bills? I don't think so. At least not in Yelp's case. Here's why: Yelp caters to the wrong person. If you're after advertising dollars, it's not part-time, unpaid writers that you should cater to--it's small...

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How Do You Find All the Users Of Your Product?

I used to work web-based products. Now I'm with software. Biggest difference? Access to the user base. Working on a website has some real luxuries in terms of marketing to users (for upsell, cross sell or just engagement): you always know how to find your users....

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How Do You Value An Email Campaign?

New city. New job.  Similar problems. I just finished helping my colleague execute a few email marketing campaigns centered around generating interest in webinars. He did a great job--getting more leads than the sales team knew what to do with (they actually came back...

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Pavement = Asphalt? Think Again. AdSense Gone Awry.

Yes. Another example of AdSense go awry. Advertisers: be wary of casting a giant net. You may end up rubbing pixels with slacker-hipsters of ill-repute! Publishers: don't look so desparate. Would a magazine ever allow randomness in their spreads? Why should web...

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Brand Discipline

One of those obvious things: one of the mightiest brands on the planet is not Procter & Gamble or Nike--it's Sesame Street. I'm a father of a toddler so it's on the brain, you know... But here's what I realized: look at the best brands and infer attributes of good...

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Wireframing with PowerPoint

Of course, I'd rather wireframe with something full of features, right? Like I just bumped into and thought: "Yes, this would make my company work faster and more efficiently!" Then I realized that my co. wouldn't pay for it. And whatever freelance gigs...

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Apple Turns Us Into iFiends!

Apple waits until midday to allow iFiends to download iPhone 3.0? That must have been taxing on their infrastructure--they could have done it early in the morning and the downloads would have been more spread out (taking advantage of rolling time zone thing). What...

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How Do You Track A Bumper Sticker?

So I caught glimpse of this piece of fine advertising and thought "How would I track that?" Query parameter? Just kidding. But really, isn't there a better option for this... Real Estate agent? I think hoping the person who happens to be driving behind you likely...

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So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Tonight I had a moment of parental genius--ahem. After 2 and a half years of working overtime on putting my youngest to bed, I've started to experiment. Tried lots of things. Books got out of control. Can you really read 10 books to your kid at bed time? I then tried...

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Good Ol' Lorem Ipsum

Who can really start a blog with a straight face? Not me. So I'll let Lorem do all the work. Mr. Ipsum will show no weakness stepping out onto the world stage. He will be my personal operative: calling out the guerillas and taking it on the chin for me. Thank you L.I....

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Tax Uber to fix subways. Sounds reasonable.

Excited to have @SingularDTV Co-Founder Kim Jackson join us for a much anticipated workshop on "Understanding How Blockchain and Content Are Monetized in a Decentralized Ecosystem" at #EFFatLA March 1 for more details #blockchaintechnology #fempowerment

At SingularDTV, a blockchain entertainment tech company, @theKimJackson brings about change by offering artists tools to empower themselves from funding all the way to distributing to their audiences.

Meet the Top #WomeninCrypto!@womenofdenver #blockchain

@realDonaldTrump hello I’m the 16 year old girl who tweeted you that I didn’t want your condolences, I wanted gun control, and went viral because of it. I heard you are coming to my community soon. I would love for you to hear my opinions on gun control in person.

- a survivor

Feels like something pivotal is going down in Parkland,FL. These kids refuse to be swept aside like this country always does after mass shootings. 15 year olds are burying their friends and calling the president out. And putting their names on it. Im so impressed by their bravery

People keep telling me that Trump will never meet with me because he is afraid of powerful women. I think that’s the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.

“Adventure and excitement are the two things missing from civilization,” he said. “Danger keeps you on your toes.”

Does it trouble anybody else that the biggest story right now is whether or not the President of the United States is sane?

“Our ability to live and work on other places in the solar system will end up giving us the science and #technology that we need to save the species,” he told The Associated Press. “I’m talking about human beings. I’d hate to miss all that fun.”


“Stripe has always put the needs of developers first. This philosophy has heavily shaped our approach to developer tooling… How can we help our users get the most value out of the limited developer resources they have available?”

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